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The Guilty Monster under our Bathroom Rug

Why do we avoid mirrors? Why do we throw away the pair of jeans that doesn’t feel right anymore? Why do we delete an uncomfortable chat with a friend? The answer is staring us straight back in the face, on the other side of the mirror. Self-denial! When we ‘sweep under the rug’ all our problems, but to be fair I’m pretty sure that’s what rugs are there for in the first place, at least I’ve convinced my-self that its for that reason that the Brits use carpets even in the bathrooms as a way to hide the dust and dirt that is unbearable to face. But, perhaps ignorance is bliss?

Let’s be honest, your behaviour, even your attitute changes with a simple glimpse of reality. Lets say you notice a pimple in the mirror. Right there, staring at you from your reflection. You immediately become self conscious, trying to hide it with some bangs or concealer, but you know its there… I don’t know if its just me, but the existence of that little red dot consumes my whole exterior. I try and look down, always make sure my bangs are covering the monster. Basically, my whole day suddenly revolves around a tiny blemish. Which is stupid!

But not being self-conscious about a particular part of your appearance based on rational reasoning, is almost impossible to some people. My rational reasoning is based on the crude fact that no body even cares about my little blemish. I may conceive it and remember it after I have parted with the mirror as closely resembling an active volcano, but to the odd person you meet on the way to lectures, its almost invisible. We need to fight the guilt that comes with our reluctance to accept our image, and stop sweeping our confidence under the bathroom rug.

Some times we need to take that moment when we can indulge in a chocolate cake even though we are technically on a diet. Its hard always to have our shit together, we need a break. Just because you need to escape reality, it doesn’t make you anymore less in control of your situation. Know your limits and respect them, because there is nothing abnormal about having them. We are all human in the end. End the guilt, grab your cake fork and attack what lurks under the rug.