Sunday, July 21Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986

How do you answer a question without questioning your answer?

By Anna Diedrichsen

How do you write a love poem without confessing too much? 

Do you only write down half of what you think? 

Do you write like instead of love hoping they’ll understand either way?

Do you dial down on the pink 

and instead use a dark grey?

How do you speak without sharing too much? Do you ask questions, trying not to care?

Do you let your sight wander, avoiding their eyes?

Do you wait until someone asks you to share

and then only tell them quiet white lies?

How do you live without wanting to move on up? 

Do you stare out the same window every day 

waiting for the view to change? 

Do you long for salt but wish your tears away?

Does this disfigured figure in the mirror ever look strange?