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New Information released about RHUL libraries: the future of Founder’s and Bedford is undecided

Joanne Archer reports on the latest rumours surrounding Founder’s and Bedford.

“Use of the East Reading Room hasn’t been decided yet so we wouldn’t be able to say whether it will be study space or not at this time,” says Amy Sutton, Head of PR.

Amy Sutton states that “While the community is excited about the opening of this fantastic addition to campus, we know how important the library in Founder’s is to the College community. We can assure current, past and future students and staff that, once the Emily Wilding Davison Building opens, the Founder’s West Reading Room will remain a Library Reading Room, with study spaces, connectivity and books on shelves and will continue to provide students with space to study and reflect in historic surroundings.”

The Emily Wilding Davison building will feature approximately 1150 study seats and silent, social and collaborative zones.

“The spaces surrounding the reading rooms will be adapted for the uses of students and staff to meet new and existing needs, as will the space within the current Bedford Library,” says the Head of PR.

“In terms of our book stock, it is the intention to integrate this into the new library, stock that is currently held in Founder’s, the Bedford Library and the University of London Depository. With regard to removal or replacement, the deselection of stock is as important as its selection in maintaining the overall relevance of the resources available in libraries. Regular stock reviews of collections are necessary to ensure their quality. The Library team carry out such reviews regularly and always do these in conjunction with academic departments. Any deselection of books as we move into the new library will be part of that ongoing process.”

The new library will also host a shop that will replace the small, temporary building at the bottom of campus. The Students’ Union have secured a deal with the college that still allows them to operate the shop.

Students will be better enabled to have their say in what the shop sells and the prices, and able to hold the SU accountable. Profits will continue to be recirculated back to the SU.

A full feature on the new library will be released on Wednesday 22 March online and in the magazine. Pick up a copy on campus to find out the exclusive information.