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Picnic pair-off

As the warm weather approaches and we crawl out of the library to embrace the rays, it is undeniable that we are all dying to grab some Pimm’s and have a picnic. But picnicking in the wrong attire can be uncomfortable, and inhibit you from devouring all the food, so here’s some advice for the best fashionable and practical
summer ensembles…

No doubt you will have seen high street shops styling outfits made up of two key pieces: the top is usually an oversized crop, shirt or blazer. This is paired with matching cigarette trousers for the sports luxe look, or midi skirts, miniskirts, shorts and maxis for a more
feminine feel.

Motel on Asos two piece ensemble(1)These two piece outfits are perfect for picnicking, as the “matchy matchy” style makes it easier for you when getting ready – you don’t need to scour your wardrobe to hunt for the right top to match your bottoms and vice versa, it is already done for you. These fashionable ensembles require minimal effort.

However, mini-skirts at a picnic can be a bit risqué – you’ll find yourself sit awkwardly, feeling that you may be flashing. To combat this, stick with shorts, jeans with a little preppy turn up, maxi skirts or 60s style Poodle skirts that have seen resurgence this summer. These skirts are a sophisticated twist on the conventional skater skirt we’ve all been donning for the past few years, and they’re my favourite garment. They’re fashionable and comfortable, they permit us greedy little piglets to eat to our hearts desire and hide it underneath the flared shape, without indecently exposing ourselves!