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Pret-a-Veggie meets Ready-to-Eat-Anything-Liz

Unfortunately Pret-a-Manger’s pop-up Veggie cafe in Soho is not called ‘Pret-a-Veggie’ but is instead simply entitled ‘Veggie Pret’.

Personally I think “ready to Veggie” sounds pretty quirky and but oh well,life goes on. Veggie Pret opened in June as a one month idea that probably wouldn’t last and three months later it is 1. Still open and 2. Looking to open more Veggie’s Prets across London and ~beyond.~


During Freshers I decided to check it out as I think that Pret can do no wrong… I was right.

Not only is the cafe gloriously spacious with light flooding in from two walls that are made from glass but the soft wood that the tables, checkout and stools are made from means you enter cooing “ooooh this is nice.” Main event – the food. THE FOOD. Crazy amounts of sandwiches, toasted sanchwiches, hot and cold wraps, soups and much more galore. Once spending 5 minutes picking up each individual item, reading the ingredients and eventually choosing which you shall fill your rumbling stomach with, you come across the dessert section. I had already done some research into what the best things to eat are and grabbed the Cacao and Orange chocolate pot without looking at anything else so that I did not change my mind.

I opted for the Chana Chaat and Paneer toasted wrap for my main. Oh, what delightful chickpeas with roasted peppers and onions my tastebuds did encounter with a dollop of mango chutney to bring the whole thing together. Lovely, I tell you, lovely.

But the main event has, HAS, to be the Cacao and Orange chocolate pot. It tastes like a very decadent Terry’s chocolate orange, melted down and whipped into a thick mousse. Cacau is usually extremely bitter but Pret instead uses Orange oil instead of the juice or zest in order to counteract the cacao bitterness, because of all this, I experienced a mouth orgasm. Honestly, it was all I could do to stop myself from going full Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. I left a little review card for them saying something to the same extent – it’s always good when new restaurants and cafes want to hear their customers thoughts in order to please them.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go to lunch in the Soho area it is clear – I can’t recommend the Veggie Pret more.