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Protest planned over alleged firing of cleaning staff

There is a group threatening to hold a demonstration at the university, over the alleged sacking of two cleaning staff on political grounds.

It is alleged that the Racial Volunteer Force will be demonstrating outside the main gate of Royal Holloway on October 22nd, between 2pm and 4pm.

The protest is supposedly in solidarity with two outsourced cleaners, who have allegedly been fired after being connected with an anti-Shomrim Demonstration.

According to further tweets publicly published on the protest group’s social media page, ‘#RHULdemo’, the group goes on to say:

‘#RHULDemo ‏@Stevenj12792056  Aug 2

Before the #RHULDemo will probably meet @CrownEgham and the Holly Tree Englefield Green impeccable behaviour by all attendee’s expected.’…

‘#RHULDemo ‏@Stevenj12792056  Aug 2

And then @RHUL main gates for a 2 hour peaceful #RHULDemo what with it being a university probably be a contingent of @antifa to be ignored.’

In response to this group, Racial Volunteer Force, some Royal Holloway students have set up a facebook page organising a counter-demonstration.

The Students’ Union have declined to comment at this time.