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20 January  – 18 February

Sidesaddle: Save a horse, ride a cowboy.  Aquariuses are original and not above breaking a rule or two. So, break the common rule of sitting sex by riding sidesaddle instead. Use this position to get easy access to their front and their back, with a great view to keep you going too.


19 February – 20 March

Spooning Sex: A Pisces is usually tired, both physically and emotionally. Having sex while spooning is more intimate than usual and can give the gentle Pisces good but loving stimulation. Plus, it’s a good chance to stimulate other more neglected areas – see breasts.


21 March – 19 April

Reverse Cowgirl: An Aries would be a good army general: they like calling the shots. Sitting on top and having your partner ‘at your mercy’ is a perfect way to take control while letting them join you for the pleasurable ride. Just make sure they have a go too eh?


20 April – 20 May

The Liftoff: Tauruses have a natural ‘roughness’ about them. Take a tiny step in this direction by having your partner lift you up against a wall or onto a moving appliance – a washing machine or a dryer will do nicely. The strength of your partner and the natural vibrations of this ‘love machine’ will fuel your passion even more.


21 May – 20 June

Sitting Sex: A Gemini is always up for a chat, be it naughty or nice. Their conversations are always interesting and will get them going faster than you can say ‘foreplay’. By facing each other in a sitting position, the two of you can discuss politics or give a play-by-play of your actions. Either way, it’ll be worth it.


21 June – 22 July

Bathtub Sex: For the usually ‘active’ Cancer, a warm, sensual bath is needed. Grab some candles, a good speaker for some sexy music and a glass of wine (or a non-alcoholic equivalent) and you’re good to go. Just make sure you lock the door – you don’t want a housemate bursting in!


23 July – 22 August

Curtains Open: Leos like to make a spectacle and ‘put on a show’ so-to-speak. Having sex while you conveniently ‘forgot’ to draw the curtains or having a door slightly ajar in a house full of people will up the ante and get you there even faster – higher risk, higher reward.


23 August – 22 September

Shower Sex: With a million and one things to do at all times, Virgos enjoy precision and efficiency. Shower sex is killing two birds with one stone. Having sex while in the shower is not only a interesting spin on a daily activity but can appeal to the more adventurous Virgo out there.


23 September – 22 October

69: A Libra usually enjoys the drama, but is always well intentioned. 69-ing is a dramatic change from a Libra’s normal sexual routine but will definitely appeal to their nature. The mutual desire to pleasure the other whilst you are being treated to their action speaks to their good natured soul.


23 October – 21 November

Assisted Missionary: Scorpios like to keep to tradition but tweak it to better suit their needs. Take a pillow and place it underneath the person laying down for more comfortable and more accessible sex (of all kinds).


22nd November – 21st December

Table Sex: Sagis are adventurous and always have a deadline to stick to. Fooling around in what is usually a stressful work environment can relieve stress and spark creativity. Have one person lay back on the table while the other goes wild.


22 December – 19 January

Standing Doggy: Capricorns like a challenge and perfecting their ‘craft’. Give them to chance to have both and they’ll be over the moon. Place one person in front of the other, with both facing the same direction, and give their rear some attention.