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Is Your Room the Window to Your Soul?

As room inspectors’ voices echo through the corridors of campus accommodation, many of us scramble around in an attempt to make our domains ‘respectable’. The ineptly placed clothing and paperwork seen in some student’s rooms, seemed to trigger an unhappy response in some Housekeepers.
Bedrooms are such a personal space, with no two the same – they are truly an insight into an individual’s characteristics. It is common belief that a cluttered desk is inhabited by a creative individual; whereas clear and organized typically represents the logical thinkers. It is hard for an ‘outsider’ to understand the mechanics of someone else’s bedroom. Many individuals have reasons for why they order objects in a particular way and often don’t even realise it.

Organised chaos
There is some form of order here, but it isn’t always pretty on the eye. The inhabitants of ‘Organised chaos’, tend to keep everything ‘cool’, ‘pretty’ and sentimental. There will never be a successful colour scheme throughout the room, but they feel comfort knowing valuables are safe somewhere under that pile of books in the corner. Often belonging to a creative student, they would receive some strange looks from housekeeping and also be told to hoover.

Neat as a pin
Everything has a specific place; squeaky clean and lots of free space. This inhabitant is a stickler for order. Often inhabited by a student studying a form of science (not always), they have good time management skills and are self-disciplined. With the best of both worlds, they live in a comfortable room whilst also being housekeeping’s star tenant.

The cosy cave
Also known as ‘the pit’, or ‘dumping ground’, this tenant would not have been in the housekeeper’s good books. ‘Cosy cave’ inhabitants tend to bring their whole lives into their bedrooms, thus including their takeaway from the other week. They tend to feel uncomfortable in an empty looking room, so need everything spaced out around the room to be contented.

Beautiful boudoir
Carefully designed, the ‘Beautiful boudoir’ owner definitely has something to boast about. Despite their love for the order present in the ‘Neat as a pin’ rooms, they do desire an interior with much more style. With a love for waking up to order and beauty, their thought processes are as fresh as a daisy in the mornings. Housekeeping is seemingly always satisfied with the condition of these rooms – just ditch the fairy lights.

A fresher studying Geology stated that his “messy room feels more homely than a tidy one.”
A bedroom should be comfortable. If a tidy room feels uncomfortable to somebody, should they be made to take action on any ‘untidiness’?