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Royal Holloway’s Dance Society and Varsity

Please could you give a brief description of your society?

Dance Society is one of the most unique societies on campus! We not only offer classes in every style of dance you could think of, but also have competition teams, socials, shows, volunteering, performing and choreographing opportunities! We actively try to get as many people involved in the society as possible. Whether you’ve never danced before or if you’re practically professional, there’s something for everyone.

What will your Varsity performance involve?

At Varsity, we will be competing with several of our award-winning competition teams! The styles vary and it will be a wonderful performance for all watching.

Does your piece have a name?

We are competing with several different pieces, the names of which are currently undecided. They each have their own individual titles and themes which will be announced before they are performed!

Have you personally taken part in Varsity before?

Yes, I took part in Varsity last year with Dance and it was a wonderful experience! The atmosphere when we perform is incredible and is definitely one of the reasons we are so eager to partake again this year.

What would you say you are most looking forward to?

I personally am most looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful pieces of choreography come to life on stage and have our dancers get a chance to live the experience of competing head-to-head with Surrey!

How many people from Dance Soc are involved in Varsity?

We have upwards of 50 dancers on competition teams this year, so it will be around this number of people taking part for Dance.

How long has your society been practising for this year’s performance?

We formed our teams towards the end of October last year, and our dancers have been working hard ever since! We’ve had a few competitions between then and Varsity which have helped build our confidence as a team!