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Spotlight on: Humans VS Zombies

So Florence, what exactly is Humans VS Zombies? 
Humans VS Zombies (or HvZ) is a 24/7 weeklong survival tag game that runs on campus 6 times a year, where humans use Nerf guns to try to survive the oncoming hoard and zombies hunt humans to grow their numbers. Each night of the game you can attend missions where everyone comes together to try and complete objectives! Play continues on campus during the day, making life that much more exciting – but not in academic buildings, so don’t worry about your studies.

So there aren’t any zombies?
Not that we know of! No makeup or costumes required either, although some players choose to wear it, which is always fun. Our zombies are allowed to run though, so stay alert!

As a society, you were awarded ‘Society of the Year’ 2019. Clearly, you’re doing something right. In your opinion, what is the best thing about Humans VS Zombies?
Honestly, I would have to say the community. Our events don’t run without the input of the whole society and it makes for a wonderful, communicative atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming; I’ve met some of my best friends through HvZ. It’s an incredibly unique experience, and there’s nothing on campus quite like it!

What are you most excited about for this year?
Accepting a wave of new members! We love getting more people involved and spreading the fun. I’m so glad I joined in my first year, and I love hearing our current members sharing their passion with new people and getting them excited too!

Why should people join Humans VS Zombies?
Firstly, HvZ is one of those great societies that brings together a wide variety of students. There is no norm for course or interests, so we have a wonderfully diverse bunch of people. Secondly, you will probably never get a chance to take part in something like HvZ ever again after you leave university. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime things that people regret not trying out, and I can tell you it’s definitely worth your time. Finally, the first 20 new members (not just freshers) get a free nerf gun when they sign up!

Do you have any advice for new students?
Take part in everything you can. Join any society that interests you even slightly. I did a 20+ contact hour course and filled my spare time with things I love – it was the best! Don’t end your first year regretting the fact that you missed out when you had the time because second-year gets harder!

What can people do if they want to get involved this year?
Come and say hi at the Freshers’ fair! We will be there giving out nerf guns to new members, and we can tell you more about the society! We will also be running several taster sessions during freshers’ week where you can try out a mini-mission. This involves lending you a nerf gun (of which we have many) seeing how long you last against the hoard! Finally, just give the Facebook page a like. Each event has a different theme, so if one isn’t for you, maybe the next one will be. You can even help run them in your first year, and you’ll find all the info if you follow us! You also get a badge for each game and it is super satisfying to collect them. Hope to see faces both new and old this year!