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Is it all ‘Fun with Flags’ for Royal Holloway’s Silver TEF Award?

Editor, Abbie Cheeseman, discusses what Royal Holloway’s Silver TEF Award really means. The results of the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework were released today and Royal Holloway achieved a silver award. What is the Teaching Excellence Framework? The framework, which is overseen by the Department for Education, was introduced last year to recognise and reward excellent […]

Not sure who to vote for? Here are the party policies

2015 General Election: Here are the party policies:

Which? Report Criticises Universities for Unfair Changes

The consumer group Which? has published a report revealing that students are routinely subjected to unfair changes to their university courses. These changes can occur after enrolment or even between years during a student’s degree. Which? found that 6 in 10 students have experienced course modifications such as changes to modules, location of teaching, or […]

The UK higher education system’s best kept secret: How are our tuition fees spent?

According to the influential think tank, Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), the majority of the UK’s leading universities are refusing to publish a breakdown of how each student’s £9,000 per year tuition fees are spent. HEPI contacted a range of institutions in order to uncover where students’ money goes, however according to director Nick Hillman, […]