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Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse: science fiction or (virtual) reality?

Mark Zuckerberg, no stranger to controversy, has announced a change in the branding of the parent organization of his media technologies empire. Facebook, originally designed as a social networking website where Harvard students would rate each other’s attractiveness, is now universally recognisable and impossible to escape. Its namesake company Facebook, Inc. is a social media […]

Much Ado About Sleeping

The end of summer feels like the end of a dream. Lie-ins morph into morning lectures; you never seem to win the daily battle with your alarm clock; and all you really want is to finish that dream about the llama and the– never mind… Sometimes, it seems that getting a good nights’ sleep (and […]

Hycean Worlds: A Possible New Frontier in the Search for Life Beyond Earth

The search for extraterrestrial life has conventionally been focused on Earth-like exoplanets —  terrestrial planets orbiting within the habitable zone of their host stars. This method is based on the premise that as life has risen in Earth’s conditions, somewhere with similar conditions could also give rise to life. As such, various exoplanet surveys over […]

Super Seducer

Why you should NOT play Super Seducer, by Alex Whiteman

LGBTQ, Across the World

An emotional discussion of LGBTQ+, by Rida Haider

Are Plants More Human Than We Know?

The similarities between plants and humans, by Natalie Burnett

Vaccines and Immunity: What you need to know

An explanation of COVID-19 vaccines, by Ellie Matthews

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