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Staying Fit in February

Annabel McCarthy gives some tips on how to stay fit in February.

So you don’t like the gym?

Is getting in more exercise one of your resolutions for this year? Iren talks us through alternative ways to stay fit if you’re not a fan of the gym.

Start Afresh

During the exam period, revision meant I’d use it as an excuse not to do an array of things, include eat healthily and exercise. However, now I have no excuse with three months of summer coming up, I’m determined to get fit and be productive! Number one: Exercise. Whether it is going for a six […]

You Plank: Planking Soc heading for Holloway

A group of ambitious students are hoping to reinstate the beloved pastime of planking. Back in 2009 – or thereabouts – planking here, there and everywhere was considered the ‘cool’ thing to do. You could find pictures of people planking in the road, in shopping centres and anywhere possible really, the more elaborate the better. […]