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Start Afresh

During the exam period, revision meant I’d use it as an excuse not to do an array of things, include eat healthily and exercise. However, now I have no excuse with three months of summer coming up, I’m determined to get fit and be productive!

Number one: Exercise. Whether it is going for a six mile run or just a Zumba class, I’m determined to do more. I’ve already found it makes me feel more proactive and awake (for those days, when getting out of bed is a challenge).

Number two: Water. It is suggested that you should drink approximately eight glasses of water a day, so that’s what I’m going to do (in theory).

Number three: Healthy eating. This one is tough for me, my sweet tooth rules my life. I’ve attempted to cut out fizzy drinks, with a large degree of success, but can’t quite let go of chocolate. However, the app Myfitnesspal is a great way of keeping on top of what you eat and what nutrients are lacking.

Number four: Sleep. Now this is one I have less trouble with as I’m the housemate who will be in pyjamas as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to have between seven and nine hours of sleep a night.

Number five: Be part of the community. Use your days wisely. I am also guilty of having become a bit of a recluse during the exam period but these following months are an opportunity. Volunteer; whether that is at the local foodbank or retirement home or just doing the housework you know needs doing.

Whilst some of this is easier than other parts, join me in becoming more active. Exams can no longer be an excuse, so get involved and stay healthy!