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Pack it in… or don’t

A not-so definitive list of University essentials Freshers might just forget and items that should definitely be left at home. The most stressful part of first year, aside from the lab reports and endless essays, is the packing phase. Somehow you must fit all of your worldly belongings into your mum’s Ford Fiesta, packaged in […]

Penrose residents compensated

Residents of Royal Holloway’s Penrose halls of residents are to be compensated following a series on ongoing problems in the accomodate block this academic year. The Students’ Union announced in February that alongside the College, they had collaboratively secured compensation for students who had experience continual problems with heating and water pressure in Penrose. It has been […]

Kings-wouldn’t: A comprehensive guide to making Kingswood a home

Most students of Royal Holloway will be familiar with the horror stories that revolve around the far-off and mysterious halls of the residence that is Kingswood.

Maintenance of campus accommodation: an experience of varying satisfaction

It was half past eight in the morning and I was fast asleep. As it was my day off from lectures, I wasn’t planning on getting up anytime soon. However, my peaceful slumber was soon disturbed by incessant knocking at my door; knocking that had also woken up the other seven members of my flat. […]