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Addict or Anomaly

Whether it is caffeine, cigarettes or chocolate are we all addicts? It would seem that we all crave something; that thing that triggers a pathway to the brain where we cannot control the urge but to indulge in that vice. For example, somebody that spends four to five nights out of the week drowning his […]

“It’s those at the top who will pull you up”

So we come to uni with a plan, to find a plan, or perhaps to drink our lives away on VKs for three years? Ben Coomber came to RoHo to give a speech about our dreams and ambitions. The ethic of Coomber’s talk was to set yourself manageable goals. For “if they aren’t laughing at […]

Start Afresh

During the exam period, revision meant I’d use it as an excuse not to do an array of things, include eat healthily and exercise. However, now I have no excuse with three months of summer coming up, I’m determined to get fit and be productive! Number one: Exercise. Whether it is going for a six […]