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It’s Okay to Be Selfish and Say No

After previously studying for a year at another university, and then completing my first year at Royal Holloway – I have had to learn the hard way that you need to look out for yourself. By this I don’t mean force yourself to be horrible to people. I’m simply suggesting, the times when you really […]

The Perils of the Perfect Dress

The summer is coming and this means the end of exams, the end of term, and, for many, the Summer Ball. As a fresher I have no idea what this is like but I do have ample experience of shopping for clothes, both formal and casual. And I can tell you that this is not […]

‘The Dark and Cold Ages’ at Kingswood 1

With the end of the Christmas holidays, it is so exciting to be back on campus! You carry those heavy suitcases, craving to get to your warm, cosy room and have a nice, hot, relaxing shower after having travelled (most probably) for hours. How wonderful it is then to find your room cold and the hot […]