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THE Team to Watch: RHUL Bears Basketball

We haven’t quite seen a team like this. Promise and potential are on both Men’s and Women’s teams this year, and yet performance has exceeded expectations.
Women’s Basketball, in the top division of the BUCS league (1A) of team sports on campus, has kept their record undefeated- not only in BUCS but in the LUSL league and the BUCS cup. Both teams have benefitted enormously from fresh talent, and three stars players have joined the club, but more importantly it is the work ethic that has changed the face of the club this year.
Our bears are passionate about ball, training, gymming early, shooting hoops regardless of the weather. Our sessions have been more attended than ever before and with more involvement from the club members. Even more so, the club is passionate in what they do here at RHUL as a sports club, actively engaging in volunteering- off and on campus, partaking in promoting issues of mental health, LGBT, teaching children to play basketball, and even singing.
Our ladybears season has been phenomenal, winning big games by big margins, setting their own bar high and coached under Tasha Green, holder of ‘Coach of the Year 2014’. Just last week the Women’s team WON the BUCS league division 1A, and will be the first team sport at Royal Holloway to partake in playoffs for the premiership promotion, playing Basketball at the highest University level.

But our Bears are not satisfied yet, with big sights set on the BUCS cup, LUSL cup, and LUSL league. With one out of four of their big goals, these girls are ready to make club, and Uni history, bringing home all four titles to the RHUL home court.
Committed, motivated, and hungry for the win, keep an eye out, big things are happening and the Basketball Bears have a lot more to prove yet.