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The Allure of Aristocracy

Dearest Reader, 

Bingeing season is upon us. It’s time to devour the highly anticipated second season of Netflix’s Bridgerton, following the plot of Julia Quinn’s novel The Viscount Who Loved Me. This season sees Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton, who takes the lead role in the storyline.

With the new season approaching, we’re going to delve into the many reasons why viewers love period dramas like Bridgerton so much.

  1. The Ability to Travel back in Time

Period dramas allow viewers to experience a time that they will never get to live through, giving people a means of living vicariously through the characters and embracing the world of the 1800s. Do I really want to learn to knit? No. Would I do it to pretend I’m a debutant for a day? Yes. 

Fetch my carriage. Am I off to the market or the ball? Who knows?

  1. The Fashion

Whilst this is more for the female viewers, the amount of beautiful gowns and regal balls are enough to fill anyone with envy. If you love Bridgerton, but say you wouldn’t want to dance the night away in a silk ballgown, you are lying. 

Plus, who doesn’t love a man in a tailcoat? 

  1. Scandal

The scandals that take place in a period drama are like no other, with incidents that to us modern viewers seem like nothing. We can find comfort and comedy in the way things used to be, while also being incredibly thankful we no longer live by these rules and social scandals.

Did you hear about the girl that showed her ankles yesterday? The outrage!

  1. Tame Love

Historical romances are one of the most enticing kinds. Viewers are invited to sit and internally scream, as we must wait for the two love interests to do so much as hug one another. It’s a build-up you just don’t get these days. Audiences are left baffled at the restraint these characters have (more like ‘attempted restraint’ in the world of Bridgerton). Having to wait a whole season for a kiss fills me with the same kind of frustration I get when waiting for a text back!

  1. Britishness at its Finest

The architecture. The interior design. The horse-drawn carriages. Need I say more? Everything from the fancy crockery and cutlery to the wallpaper that is both ugly and beautiful enough to make you want to rethink your entire aesthetic. It all screams British culture. But that’s nothing compared to the reserved, surface level politeness of British people, the nature of saying you’re alright just to cut a conversation short. Or what about the severe lack of communication, where young girls grew up knowing nothing?

How does a lady come to be with child? 

*backs away in British*

Oh, the drama!

Bridgerton’s second season comes to Netflix on the 25th of March.

Photo Credits by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash