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My Time At London Fashion Week

On Saturday the 19th September I was given a very exciting opportunity, which involved working as a backstage intern at London Fashion Week, representing the designer Rohmir. I make no lie in pretending I have any prior experience in this sector what so ever, nor do I consider myself a leading fashionista, however I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I have done.

As I arrived at Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden, it was unmistakably fashion week what with banners draped in bright yellow, reading ‘Fashion Scout’ all over the sides of the buildings. Feeling a little nervous I asked security on the front of house where I had to go, they proceeded to show me round to the backstage entrance which needless to say I got very excited about. After going through security and confirming my name was on ‘the list’, which made me chuckle, I found the room where the team was based in.

As I entered the backstage area the frenzy of Fashion Week was well underway. All I kept thinking was I was in some episode of America’s Next Top Model. There was make up everywhere in every shade of colour imaginable, that much hairspray being used you could choke, steamers left right and centre being passed around like there was no tomorrow, not to mention the amount of stylists, designers, photographers, models , a man and his dog, oh yeah and me present.

Excitement flooded the room and everyone who was there worked with passion and enthusiasm. From models to designers regardless of the crazy atmosphere, people were thrilled to be there.

Along with my  co-worker, who just happened to be a graduate from Royal Holloway last year, I was just supposed to be helping with front of house however I ended up  also assisting backstage, dealing with guest lists, welcoming VIP’s and anything else that required assistance. I was the first point of contact for the public and it was manic from the offset.

My co-workers and I hurried around trying to keep the queues calm and ordered as more and more descended upon Freemasons Hall. All this was executed whilst ensuring that VIPs received the treatment that they and the designer expected and then within minutes show time was upon us.

After waiting at the front entrance for any latecomers I then got the opportunity to watch the Rhomir London Fashion Week Runway Show. The models looked flawless as they paraded their beautiful costumes designed by creative director and owner Olga Roh. From lace to chiffon, peaches and pinks to glitter sequins, each and every model looked breath taking in the items that had been so delicately created. The cat walk was visually stunning, I have never seen so many photographers in one place eagerly snapping away, nor have I ever seen such a calibre of exquisite clothing.
If there is one word I could use to describe my time with London fashion week it would just be quite honestly, Amazing.