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My Top Beauty YouTubers

Top Beauty YouTuber’s

Manny is my absolute favourite person to watch for YouTube make-up tutorials. With over 300,000 subscribers means that he isn’t as popular as the likes of Zoella but is more talented in the application of make-up . Having years of experience at MAC & Sephora he certainly knows the ins and outs of make up. His channel is full of a variety of make-up looks such as everyday looks, glam or prom looks you can recreate for the Summer Ball. He also creates looks focusing solely on one make-up brand, providing an in-depth view of certain brands. His bubbly personality and jokes make his videos incredibly entertaining and I highly recommend you watch him for tips!

2. PatrickStar
Patrick’s make-up tutorials are phenomenal. He creates impressive make-up looks providing you with precise steps to follow. His videos are professional, yet accessible to those who have no experience with make-up. His make-up looks are more glamorous than Manny’s, they are perfect if you’re looking for make-up inspiration for a night out or special occasion. You’ll often find that him and Manny collaborate on video’s together and they make a great YouTube team. I recommend checking out his video’s for summer ball inspiration!

3. Patricia Bright
Patricia creates beautiful videos with a variety of make-up looks. Her guides are easy to follow. Patricia also includes a lot of hair and skin care videos as well! I really enjoy watching Patricia’s videos as the topics she covers are huge in their range and depth. I particularly enjoy her “Last Minute” make-up video as I’m always looking for a quick make-up fix.

4. Carli Bybel
Carli has one of the biggest collections of make-up I’ve ever seen in my life (you can see her special ‘Make-Up room’ in one of her videos!) and she knows how to utilise the products impeccably. With tutorials for every occasion, she incorporates hair tutorials on managing her very thick, long and curly hair (which is a nightmare to manage-trust me). Carli is bright and bubbly in her videos which is very infectious.

5. My Pale Skin
Ran by Emily, Emily creates videos that are for pale skin (duh) and blemish/acne prone skin. If you have troubled skin and are looking for cover up technique’s then there is no place better to look for technique’s and products. Em creates beautiful looks using a variety of high street and high end products. Her tutorials are easy to follow and very fun to watch!