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Trick or Treat: The Fall Essential Looks

This year fall fashion and makeup has taken a turn for the scary, for some, adventuring into a more dangerous stylistic sartorial. Fall usually sticks to the same look: flannels, thick scarves, black boots, berry lips…you get the picture. Autumn essentially tricks people into thinking what they need to wear and what makeup they must […]

My Top Beauty YouTubers

Top Beauty YouTuber’s MannyMua Manny is my absolute favourite person to watch for YouTube make-up tutorials. With over 300,000 subscribers means that he isn’t as popular as the likes of Zoella but is more talented in the application of make-up . Having years of experience at MAC & Sephora he certainly knows the ins and […]

Get the plump 90s pout: Kylie Jenner Style…

So unless you’ve been living under a rock recently and/or do not have an Instagram account, (Seriously? Get on that.) then you should be only too painfully aware of the mahoossive trend that is Kylie Jenner’s grungy 90s pout. Consisting mainly of those voluptuous, matte, mauve lips, I’d say that according to the incessant influx […]