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#GirlBoss profile: Rihanna

After recently hitting its one-year anniversary, Chloe Hill looks at the rise of Fenty Beauty and how Rihanna transformed it into so much more than just another celebrity collaboration.

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot

Samantha Davis has got you covered for the best Insta photo ops on and off campus.

The Greatest Treasures of Budapest

Deputy Editor Stephanie Bagnall tells you the must-see attractions of Budapest

Exploring Egham on a budget

You don’t need lots of money to enjoy the local area, writes Beth Carr Returning to Egham after Christmas you may be short of money and searching for things to do, especially when most activities are getting more and more expensive. However, if you know where to look, Egham and the surrounding area is full of […]

Pump-s-kin care

Come October pumpkins are known for one thing and one thing only; decorating your front door for Halloween. Obviously there’s much more to them then just that. Pumpkins are beneficial not only for your health but also for your appearance. This gourd-like squash is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, which help to moisturize skin, gently dissolve dead […]

The weekend to-do list

Whether it’s an activity that gets your adrenaline pumping or a relaxing walk through a park, everyone should spend some time away on the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, there are loads of things to do on campus that should definitely be checked out, but after a while you will probably be wanting something new […]

Your Autumn/Winter Back to University Guide to Looking Great

A Fresh and Dewy Update to Your Makeup Routine. Plus Must-Have Autumn/Winter Fashion Wardrobe Staples! While the post-summer blues may have started to kick you there is a bright side to the start of term. The Autumn term is a fantastic opportunity to give your beauty routine a much needed overhaul and to totally revamp […]

The Promise Of Summer

‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day?’ How could I possibly when you are the personification of summer and more. You evoke such an intense cocktail of cascading emotion; the feeling of being free and wild and calm and stupid and wise and reckless all at once. With each step you take the sun’s […]

My Top Beauty YouTubers

Top Beauty YouTuber’s MannyMua Manny is my absolute favourite person to watch for YouTube make-up tutorials. With over 300,000 subscribers means that he isn’t as popular as the likes of Zoella but is more talented in the application of make-up . Having years of experience at MAC & Sephora he certainly knows the ins and […]

This Month’s Beauty Focus: One For the Women Blessed With Darker Skin!

One of Royal Holloway’s central characteristics is its ethnically diverse alumni. With over 60 different nationalities being represented across the university, it is not surprising that skin tones vary from candid snow-white, to deep and dark chocolate. Without question, dark skin has been steadily conquering beauty ideals this year, from Lupita Nyongo’s nomination as the […]