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  • Student Poetry!

    The Poets of Royal Holloway

    Late. The moon in its seven haloes,

    sugar-crust and frosting on ponds. The gong

    for one,...

    Laura Denham27/02/2014
  • New Year, New You?

    As another year passes, it is with a fond farewell we wave goodbye to 2013. I feel it's only right to...

    Laura Denham24/02/2014
  • Year Abroad: Vacation or Education?

    It is only sometimes when I stop and glance at the majestic, snow-capped mountains outside my bedroom window that I remember...

    Laura Denham24/02/2014
  • ‘Drunk in Love’ or Mild Indifference?

    For Beyoncé:

    Beyoncé, in the simplest terms, is the epitome of the modern feminist. With songs
    that speak to women across the...

    Laura Denham24/02/2014
  • Summer Ball 2013: Exposed

    The thing at the forefront of everyone's minds right now is the Summer Ball and we will be covering a lot...

    Laura Denham15/05/2013
  • 12:41

    I'll make myself a mask of your face.
    I've been training a long time for this
    Complete with puppet stick in hand
    I'll dance...

    Laura Denham15/05/2013
  • The Caryl Churchill Theatre Opening

    The Caryl Churchill Theatre – named in tribute to the feminist playwright – has been broken in this summer with a...

    Laura Denham15/05/2013

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