10 Things Not To Do Before Your Exams

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do before your exams:

Cultural and Interfaith Calendar

The Cultural and Interfaith calendar shows some important events across 2015 and 2016.

General Election 2015: Local Candidates

                Voter turnout in the UK has been on the decline for years, and young people in particular have gained a bad reputation for not engaging with or even caring about politics. Here at RHUL some students simply don’t fit the stereotype. You may or may not be […]

Not sure who to vote for? Here are the party policies

2015 General Election: Here are the party policies:

Cannot Afford To Not Vote.

Despite of all the stress on how important it is to vote, some of us still get lazy when it comes to registering to vote and then actually voting. What we do not realise is how lucky we are to have a transparent electoral system which gives us the right to voice our opinions without […]

Peru Labour Law

At Royal Holloway, we are privileged to have an education (granted, at a price) but our rights as students and young people are never usually questioned. However, in many other places across the world, such as Peru, young people’s rights are at stake due to the ever rising changes in the national law. For example, […]

Changing Perceptions

Love in the Movies Simran Chard shares her opinion on the validity of Romace in the world of film: “Love isn’t like you see in the movies” was the mantra I had embedded into my head from a young age. The idea that love is given a fantastical and irrational portrayal in cinema has been […]

Pen to Paper

Illuminations “It’s not like stopping for McDonalds twice in one trip would be a bad thing.”   Anna rolled her eyes, turning slightly in her seat, a trace of fond exasperation gracing her features. She was unsurprised when her gaze met the back of Riya’s dark, disheveled hair. The younger woman’s forehead was pressed firmly […]

Lonely Hearts Club Anyone?

Single on Valentines Day? Don’t despair. Here are our top tips:

Moments during the journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway

On the Olkhon island, Lake Baikal, 22nd of August 2013 …We were cycling to the southern tip of the island through a vast, yellow flatland. It was magic: feeling so small and looking down the endless dirt road, stretching as far as you could see. The only sound that I could hear when I stopped […]

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