The Rise of TikTok

Francesca Benvenutto discusses the growing popularity of TikTok.

Making New Friends At University During the Pandemic

Renée gives some advice on how to meet people and make friends given current restrictions.

Twilight Is The Reason For All My Troubles In Love

Elena explores the unrealistic and unhealthy representations of love in the Twilight saga.

How Crochet and Embroidery Saved Me

Elena McCaffrey explains how crafts have given her a renewed purpose and happiness in life.

Getting through a breakup at RHUL

Leonie Jenkins offers advice for getting through a breakup at our small campus uni.

Five Things Lockdown Has Taught Me

Renée Lewis reflects on what she has learnt from lockdown.

10 Student Stories: Living with Coronavirus

Continuing our series focusing on student experiences during Lockdown, Cyann Fielding interviews ten students from different universities about their time living with Coronavirus.

Kate Moss to Adele: How are we sizing up?

Matilda Krinks explores the dangers associated with dieting culture.

How Shinto Philosophy can Bring us Closer to Nature

Natasha Mae explores the Japanese philosophy of Shinto.

Let Wabi-Sabi Bring Wisdom to a World Obsessed with Materialism!

Natasha Mae Bring imperfect, IS perfect! How the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi can transform our materialistic world.

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