Lockdown Letters

Lockdown Letters: Sara Hussain

Sara Hussain shares her struggle living with Lockdown the past three months.

Lockdown Letters: Jaylen Simons

This week, King’s student, Jaylen, shares their experience of living with Lockdown.

Lockdown Letters: Luthien Evans

This week’s letter is from Cardiff University student Luthien Evans as they share their experience of living with Lockdown these past few months.

Lockdown Letters: Katie McCooey-Hall

This week’s ‘Lockdown Letter’ comes from University of Plymouth student, Katie McCooey-Hall.

Lockdown Letters: Isabella Koppensteiner

Continuing our series of ‘Lockdown Letters’, MA student Isabella Koppensteiner shares her feelings about living with Lockdown.

10 Student Stories: Living with Coronavirus

Continuing our series focusing on student experiences during Lockdown, Cyann Fielding interviews ten students from different universities about their time living with Coronavirus.

Lockdown Letters: A Series

As part of a new series, Courtney Bridges offers her experience of life living with Lockdown. Each week Courtney will be releasing more letters and submissions, so check this space.