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Changing the rules of workwear: a photoshoot with RHUL’s Fashion Society

Models featured:

Mara Pem Munoz (Fashion Society President)

Maria Ding

Safi Liesnham

Ella Pernet

Hredi Chhabria

Kimono M D’Souza


Seeing as this month we’re celebrating all things women, we thought it would be apt to organise a photoshoot with RHUL’s fashion society. Most of us are riddled with fear at the thought of interviews for jobs, internships and graduate schemes, so we decided to thematise the photoshoot around office-wear/work-wear. We wanted to find the middle ground between stylish and super professional, to offer inspiration to those seeking it (or simply to enjoy the extremely aesthetically pleasing photos – as they all look fierce!)


Fashion society certainly delivered. They offered a spectrum of androgynous fashion – mixing masculine and feminine silhouettes to create the perfect look. Mara and Safi looked amazing in power suits, which screamed executive chic, whilst Maria’s incorporation of accessories such as braces and a Chanel pin transformed her look into something completely unique and representative of her style. What they presented to us was the concept that women are so over the confinements of the expected office-wear. No longer are our choices restricted to the standard feminine expectation of a pencil skirt and white blouse. The photos showcase a range of ways to not only overturn this stereotype but offer a new dimension that celebrates androgyny in the best way. Ella’s look was very utilitarian, whilst Hredi and Kimono sported a more conventionally feminine take on workwear. Hredi had a fur coat and tote in hand, whilst Kimono had a leather jacket draped over a cute blouse.

Hopefully these looks will offer some sort of inspiration next time you’re desperately trying to decide how to perfect that ‘corporate-chic’ look.

A huge thank you to Fashion Society for taking part.