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Crime rate doubles in Englefield Green

Whilst Royal Holloway can be proud of its status of being amongst some of safest Universities in the UK, according to Egham is the safest place for students to live, unfortunately there is still crime that occurs around the neighbouring areas.

Englefield GraveyardStudents after their first year flock down the hill to Egham or up to Englefield Green and whilst the quiet areas seem like a safe haven for students there, like all towns, are numerous crime reports.
According to the most commonly reported crimes for this area are anti-social behaviour and violence/sexual crimes. And whilst the idea of any crime is alarming what is even more so is that within a year reports of crime have almost doubled. In August 2014 the total reported crimes within the area were 45, with 20 of these reports being due to anti-social behaviour. However this number has almost doubled.

When looking at crime reports for August 2015 the number of reports stands at 83. Whilst this is alarming what is even more alarming is that the number of violent and sexual crimes has almost tripled, from 6 crimes reported in August 2014 to 19 in August 2015.

If you find yourself walking home in the dark try to walk in pairs and if this is not possible stick to well known and well lit routes. Also visit Founders building to pick up a free rape alarm from Security Services to carry on your persons. When leaving your new abode remember to lock your windows and doors and keep all expensive equipment out of plain view, especially if your room is on the ground floor. Despite Royal Holloway being in one of the safest cities in the UK, like any where it is always good to remain cautious and a reminder to be vigilant in these areas.