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BIOSCIENCE STUDENT? Yes, we’re talking to you! BioSoc this year will be BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

We’re looking forward to bringing you MORE socials, MORE events and all that is missing is YOU. We’re inviting you to join the most improved society of 2014 and we guarantee that you will not regret it. As well as bringing crazy fun to our students, we know how to work hard and play hard – the first commandment of living the BioSoc life, we also offer academic support to all years.

There will be bio-mentoring sessions and careers events popping up throughout the year and the social highlight for this year is our trip abroad, which you can believe will be AMAZING, so keep an eye out for that! Not only is this a chance to meet other people in the same boat, it is a chance to be part of a community and support network that will inevitably be useful throughout your time here. Only have a slight interest in science? No problem, we are open to members of all courses! Look around the Bourne building for our flyers and posters. We look forward to meeting all of you soon!