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What we love about winter: Student Edition!

When it comes to winter, most students picture cold mornings, the dark walk home after a 4pm class, the dreaded radiator breakdown, and the inability to leave the house without 5 layers on- especially a struggle when you’re already late for lectures. However, there are some who love the winter. Mostly because the winter means December, and December means almost Christmas, and almost Christmas means no Uni work, and no Uni work means filling your days with lie-in’s, mince pies and blankets. What’s not to love?
Well we’ve rounded up 5 things about winter which even the self-confessed summer lovers can’t help but love this time of year…
1. The excuse to buy that new coat you wanted. So it may be £79 and completely impractical for rain, but what’s £79 when you can not only look great, but also feel great- and most importantly warm in those drafty lecture halls…Boilerhouse, we’re looking at you. Zara’s coat collection is amazing this time of year if you’re looking to spend a bit more on something warm. But if you’ve spent too much money on making the most of the SU nights and you’re not left with a lot of cash to spend on yourself, then online site Misguided, have a great affordable selection.
2. Not being judged for wearing that ridiculous bobbly hat you’ve been storing especially for the winter. Yes it’s knitted, Yes it’s in a shade of green that’s only acceptable in December (Christmas tree green anyone?) and Yes, you will wear it every day with every outfit until you stop feeling festive…mid-January. The best place for hats in every season, especially winter, is Topshop. The biggest bobbliest hats starting from £8.00.
3. Decorating your room and/or flat to look like the department store scene from Elf (SANTA’S COMING!). Some go all out with intricate paper snowflakes for a winter wonderland feel. Others are more creative, using their sky-high recycling pile as a make-shift Christmas tree. LED tea lights are a cheap, easy way to make your room cosy (Available on amazon from £1.99, with free delivery). If you’re used to burning candles in the winter then these are a great option, creating a soft glow without setting your whole room on fire!
4. Hot drinks! When it’s winter, that ‘short trip to Tesco’ becomes a very undesirable idea. And so you’re stuck to make do with whatever you can get on campus. The general consensus among students’, is that a tub of hot chocolate is a winter staple in any cupboard. If you don’t have any at home, you can grab one for around £1.95 at the hub, with a choice of syrups to add. Cheaper than Starbucks, although no red cups.
5. And finally, experiencing Founders building in the snow. The final touch to a student’s winter experience at Royal Holloway!