Saturday, July 20Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986

The Promise Of Summer

‘Shall I compare thee to a summers day?’ How could I possibly when you are the personification of summer and more. You evoke such an intense cocktail of cascading emotion; the feeling of being free and wild and calm and stupid and wise and reckless all at once.

With each step you take the sun’s rays burn a little stronger, as the corners of your mouth lift, even just slightly, the birds sing a little louder. And the blossoms on the trees dance with the breeze that carries your laughter. I smile at you and I hold my tongue; all I can do is listen.  You paint a picture with your words of a world not seen before, finding light and beauty in every crevice of this life.
The rose lenses you slip before your eyes seem attached permanently, not the intrusion of drugs, alcohol or fear can remove them. When most would become engulfed by the darkness, beaten down and suppressed by the monsters under the bed, you overcome it all, rising above, exploding in a fury of white light and truth, smiles and laughter.  You are the warmth of a summers day, the promise of a summers night, the feeling of hot sand and cool sea water, grass beneath my feet and blue skies above my head

Shorter nights and longer days don’t only come hand in hand with sun, but with storm and chaos and rain and wind. Whipping our hair and tugging at our flesh, as we lift our arms to the sky and tilt back our heads. The heavens pouring down on us, washing away the sins of a thousand heated nights and the sweat and the scars of a thousand heated days. And then a roar so loud the very earth trembles beneath our fragile bodies laid out on the dusty ground, an offering to mother nature, a velvet sky set alight and electrified with passion and promise.