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10 Things to Do After Exams

Ten Things To Do After Exams

So exam season is finally over, and after all that worrying, revising and at times, sheer terror, you’ll probably have a lot of time on your hands. Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, you may find that there’s simply too much time and boredom may strike. To avoid that scenario, here are a list of the top ten things to do after exams, to give yourself that well deserved break and also put your time to use.

1. Go out
Number one priority is definitely to go out and let off some steam. You officially have zero responsibilities and trust me, the ‘I’m a student’ excuse is enough at this point of term. Whether it’s a boozy night out on the town or a dinner date with some friends, make sure you relax and properly enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it!

2. Get your summer body
Exam season is the perfect excuse to stay wrapped up in your duvet- revising of course, and order in a pizza, binge on some calorific snacks and sneak in a few episodes on Netflix, but summer is fast approaching! With extra time and discounted exercise classes across campus, why not grab your trainers and get out there!

3. Apply for an internship
This summer is a perfect opportunity to prepare you with work experience. Keep your eyes peeled for summer internships and job opportunities to line your pocket while you feel your way through the great big world of work.

4. Travel
Okay, so this is a bit cliché… but a necessity! If you’ve been clever enough with your student loan or spent the weekends slogging it out at work, treat yourself to a holiday and explore a little more of planet Earth.

5. Read a book
It may seem simple, but when was the last time you picked up a book to read for pleasure? Get a head start on next years’ reading list by reading a book at your pleasure. Preferably teamed with a deck chair and ice cold refreshments, ah… bliss!

6. Volunteer
If you can’t commit to an internship or job, look out for volunteering opportunities. They’re often more flexible but still allow you to put your time to good use in places ranging from hospitals to charity shops. Why not even apply for a volunteering opportunity abroad?

7. DIY
Freshen up those white walls or give the garden that overdue haircut, your parents will be grateful!

8. Try something new
Whether it be skydiving or just trying a new food, now is the perfect time to try something new. A lot of summer camps offer ‘extreme’ sporting activities, such as abseiling, quad biking, colour runs and lots of other activities which will make great stories when you come back to university.

9. Have a pyjama day
Sit back, plug in Netflix and do nothing all day long.

10. Buy yourself the summer essentials
Being a student makes wearing the same shirt for three days without washing it acceptable, but really, go shopping. Find an outfit which you really like and replace your old, worn out threads with some banging, on-trend items.