Sunday, July 21Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986

Rainbow World

Red: love. Romantic love, a connection at its bloom. A mother’s unconditional love, a life being born from another. A sibling’s love, with all the bickering and fighting, that love is still there. A friend’s love. A heartbreak that proves the love was there.

Orange: balance. Understanding there will be grief and uncertainty in life but being able to blur out the shadows and find joy in the little everyday things. A morning coffee. A family breakfast. A sunny day. A hug. A face-to-face conversation. 

Yellow: spontaneity. We are all strangers until one person breaks the ice and comes up to you. He introduces himself, you make small talk, find a common interest and before you know it that stranger is now your best friend. A connection in the crowd. 

Green: rebirth. Rebirth in life and nature. Behind all the war, death and natural disasters, the world does not stand still. An army is nothing if it doesn’t have soldier after soldier fighting next to each other, for each other and for their country.

Blue: freedom. There are 7 continents. Asian. European. African. American. Australian. You identify as having a certain nationality, religion, race, sexuality. But the world is so much more diverse. Globalisation and the internet have proven that. No matter the distance people will meet. 

Indigo: wisdom. Learn from the ones who were here before us. The culture they left behind, the changes they brought to the world, the privileges we have because of them. But don’t be blind in today’s society. Only take what is good and work towards eradicating the bad.

Violet: wealth. You are a child. You grow into a rebellious teen. You get a degree and become an adult. You got your dream home and job. You have a fortune but before you know it, you’ve pushed everyone away in the process. Remember, humans are not built to be alone.

One person is merely a splash of colour in the world. That one person is part of a city and a country and a continent. That is an array of colours. A rainbow that will show itself after the pouring rain.

Image credit: Photo by Geordanna Cordero on Unsplash