Wednesday, July 24Royal Holloway's offical student publication, est. 1986


behold the golem of prague

how to
the first step is seeing them then talk to them then convince them
so after saving them from that edge
place your own edge on their throat and slice theirs open first before any seas can lay claim to it first
before earth before hearth before flame before greedy fingers pry their way to their tongue
rip it out first before
and then wear it in the mouth
sit it in the right place
creak teeth out of place
align rows of molars incisors canines
sculpt gum to fit perfect
another persons stolen tongue
and when that is done

and when you are caught
and when there is nothing
left to bare in their hotlamps
left to bear the roiling heat
left alone to step without rhythm
a syncopated disfunction
of them forcing that maw open
ad nauseam

they will rip out your speech
sear your fingers so they are good
only to labour in sickly prisons
where first they fed you dope
then poison then lies then hope
now they feed you dope
poison lies and hope
they will bend your shape into one
more fit for them
you are sculpted for them
they impost you
you inhabit the wrong skin
you see through the wrong eyes
you taste with a stolen tongue
you scream with a voice
not learnt not taught not yours

you are perfect

Image credit: Photo by Alexander Ant on Unsplash