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In Your Socs- Rocking the Games

The Lyell Geoscience Society hosted our first sports event of the year ‘The Rock Games’. The tournament featured games such as football, rounders, handball, touch rugby and tug-of-war, where post-grads and lecturers were up against under-grads. A total of 8 teams attended the event, which was held on Sunday 19th October on Founders Field. Throughout the day cakes were being sold at the Kayleigh Sugar Fund Cake Sale. On top of cake sales, half of the sign-up costs for the teams were donated to the Kayleigh Sugar Fund. A total of £47.50 was raised for charity. The event was a huge success.

UCL’s Dr Fabio Crameri presented the second lecture in the Lyell Geoscience Society’s Lecture Series on Thursday 23rd October. The title of his presentation was ‘Numerical Modeling of Global Mantle Convection and Subduction’. The talk was greatly enjoyed by all! Dr Fabio Crameri’s projects on geodynamics include: mantle convection with self-consistent single-sided subduction, conditions for a suitable sticky-air approach and lithospheric-scale shear localisation.