Tag: Budget

NUS cuts threaten liberation and democracy campaigns

Becca Bashford reports on the recent round of NUS cuts, which will lead to a lack of funding for liberation and democracy campaigns.

Designer Dupes: Luxe on a Budget

Chloe Hill has got the best alternatives for those luxury items that may be out of your budget.

Let’s Travel (on that student budget)

Alis shows us it is possible to travel with a student budget. It’s that time of year again – the excitement of being back at university has worn off, the weather is miserable, deadlines are looming, and all you really want to do is pop down to Heathrow and jet off to some far flung […]

Cheap Day in London

Yes, Egham is a little further out than the average London University. You probably felt vaguely cheated when you realised that the “short trip into central London!” turned out not to include the time needed to trudge to the station, barge your way through Waterloo, and submerge yourself on the underground. So here’s a list of […]