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Your Guide to Barcelona

Chloe Hill has got low-down on Where to Stay, What to See, Where to Go and Where to Shop.

Halloween, What it’s really about?

Chloe Buck tells you about the origins of Halloween.

Backpacking for Less

It’s that time of year again – the end of the year has got us all dreaming about our summer holidays, prowling the low cost sites for a cheap deal. You might be looking into backpacking, that stalwart of student travel since time immemorial. People frequently backpack for months at a time, and whilst you […]

How to pack like a pro!

The orbitals guide to packing for your summer!   So most of you, who can afford it, are likely to have booked an amazing summer ‘vacay’ with friends or family now that exams are over and the sun is shining. But whether its camping in the relaxing lake district or sunning it up in St Tropez you need to […]

A day in the life of a turtle

A day in the life of a turtle: A trip to Costa Rica to save the Turtles On Sunday 26th July my friend Jo and I set off on our journey to Costa Rica. A long journey awaited us. An hour and a half drive to London Heathrow. An eight-hour flight to Miami, followed by […]

The Joy of Travelling

Over the past years there has been a large increase in people travelling to far-away places for work, holidays and to discover themselves. Travelling to both hot and cold climates or to the northern and southern hemispheres can be eye opening. You can learn more about yourself as well as how other people live and […]