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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: LGBT service In The Military’s Violent Role Reversal.

In light of Donald Trump’s new ban on Transgender people in the military, Abel Fenwick explores the long and complicated relationship between the LGBTQ community and the military.

As anti-gay torture continues, we need to pay attention to Chechnya

Maria Green reports on the horrifying persecution of LGBT+ individuals in Chechnya.

Lily Parr: the lesbian football icon I didn’t know I needed

Maria Green discusses the female football legend Lily Parr.

10 films and TV shows that would be better if they were gay

Maria Green tells us about the media which could have benefited from a little queering

Queering Country

Noah Keppen examines Trixie Mattel’s non-traditional approach to the traditions of country music.

Let’s get it on

Orbital’s lifestyle team explore four people’s sexual wants and desires.

Pride Is For Everyone

Samantha Davis discusses the history and the future of the Pride flag and the importance of the new design elements.

Diversity in YA Literature

Jasmine Cox discusses the representation of diversity and the LGBTQ+ community in some of the most popular and current YA books of the past year.

Is It Time To Wave Good-Bi To Stereotypes?

Rachel Hains explores the difficulties of being Bisexual in modern society and argues that it is time people remembered the ‘B’ in LGBTQ.

Trans-exclusionary Laws

A look at the Trans-exclusionary laws in the UK and US