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Sweet and salty cashew butter apple nachos

Forget the  stringy melted cheese, coolness of the sour cream, zingy spice of jalapeños and the crunch of toasted tortilla chips (Don’t panic- it’s just for a moment!) because we have a new take on nachos that is perfect fuel for revision breaks plus it is guilt free! This recipe takes less than 10 minutes […]

Super-Sweet Two Step Fudge Recipe

Valentine’s day is the perfect post-Christmas excuse to eat your own body weight in sugar! Whether that’s in the form of chocolate hearts from your other half, or ploughing through a 10-person portion of Victoria sponge cake, we all break our ‘new year, new me’ nutribullet fuelled fad when it comes to the 14th of […]

Lent Lusciousness: You don’t have to go without

Lent can be a difficult time for those of us giving up some our favourite things, so I’ve collected some gorgeous recipes that will make everything a lot easier (you can thank me later, after lent with a big bar of Cadbury). Giving up chocolate is enough to test most people’s sanity, not to mention […]

Hakuna Frittata: Pesto Courgetti, topped with Garlic Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of Courgetti or Zucchetti? If not, then today is your lucky day! If you have, then you already know just how awesome it is. To start with, Courgetti is an incredible substitute for spaghetti that I truly believe will slowly but surely revolutionise the world of food… I kid you not! […]

Microwave Mug Omelette

If you’re living in catered halls, you can roll out of bed and get yourself a cooked breakfast within minutes, no washing up or preparation required! But if you sleep in and miss breakfast, what are going to do? There’s always toast, or a bowl of cereal, but if you want something more filling then […]

A Pitcher of Pimms & A Perfect Picnic

Summer may be on the way out, but there’s still hopefully time to enjoy one of the homemade picnics you had been craving all the way through exam season! Here’s my recipe for easy mini quiches, and some instructions for concocting Pimm’s to get you on your way. Mini Quiches What you need: 320g ready […]