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The importance of water

Amie Dredge asks why the university is not doing more to keep us hydrated

WaterWater: that little necessity in life that comprises over 70% of your body weight. We are constantly being told to drink more water, yet there are very few places on campus to get this water.

The recommended daily intake of water is set at 2 litres. The proven advantages of drinking lots of water include:

So, all in all water, is essential in life, yet there are very few water fountains on campus. Going around campus this week, I was only able to spot three – in Bedford Library, in the Hub and in the International building. Three water fountains to serve over 10,000 staff and students is hardly enough if you ask me! If you want to fill up your water bottle or even grab a cup of water in between lectures, you are at risk of being late to your next class. Traipsing across campus just for some water is not fun!

And it’s not just me. Jess, a 2nd year History student, wants “more water fountains to refill my bottle on campus”, while Cecilia, a 2nd year History and German student, thinks “water is completely necessary to keep up the standard of learning, and buildings should have some source of water, accessible to everyone”.

I urge whoever is in charge of water, please install more water fountains on campus to keep us students hydrated and healthy. You may even see our productivity levels increase!

Nayab Cheema, Students’ Union President (Education and Campaigns), gives us an update on her campaign to increase water fountains on campus: “I have been in contact with the Estates department on campus and we have drafted up a list of locations around campus for the fountains (the SU being one of them). Estates is currently looking towards installing some around campus, within the next few weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to update you more fully when they’ve been installed!”