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It’s Time to Find Your ‘Thing’

The Freshers Festival blues have arrived (as well as the flu) and you’re setting your alarm for your 9am tomorrow morning. Doesn’t seem much fun, right? However, it would be better knowing that after your lecture, you have a Travel society social or a Lacrosse game. Becoming a member of a society or a sports team is one of THE best ways to make the most out of your journey here at Royal Holloway. Here’s why you should join a club or society:

Happiness Levels: As much as university can be jam-packed with things to do, sometimes it is normal to feel lonely. Your mental health can be hugely impacted by this new wave of independence. Being part of a society or playing in a sports team is something that can contribute greatly to your happiness levels. By playing a sport or being in an environment that you enjoy, your serotonin levels will be soaring, giving you a boost of happiness during your time here at university.

Friendship: The common word that is associated with joining a sports team or society is often ‘family’. You may have found friends within your course or your accommodation, but this gives a greater opportunity to meet people that have a common interest.

Push yourself: With university comes the concept of a fresh start; a chance to change what you’re doing or start something completely new. This means, socially, it can give you a chance to experience things you’ve never done before, giving you a new-found confidence and taking you out of your comfort zone. University life is all about pushing yourself and gaining the confidence to be independent, which is an added bonus that comes with trying out a new sport or society.

Social Calendar: One thing you’ll realise with joining a sport or society is how much more social your life becomes. The whole point of being part of something is to bond with other people. This can be anything from organised meetings to pre-drinks before the SU. Here at Royal Holloway, we have annual events specifically for sports and societies. These include: the Socs and Colours Ball in Term 2, Varsity and the highly anticipated Come In Your Kit and Come In Your Socs SU nights.

If you want any more information about what sports and societies Royal Holloway has to offer then check out the Fresher’s Fair, head to the SU website to find a complete list or check out our exclusive interviews with a wide variety of clubs and societies at •