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Top healthy eating habits to get sexy this winter.

We all want to look and feel better. New year is the best time to make changes in your life. Start with adjusting and improving your lifestyle, mainly, your diet.
1. Drinking a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning. This simple habit will help you to cheer up and improve digestion, as lemon juice helps to eliminate toxins. The water can be warm or hot but not cold. Our bodies are more than 60 % water, which makes us prone to dehydration. You can be dehydrated even if you do not feel thirsty. Drinking lemon water with a hint of honey after waking up is an ancient home remedy for weight loss. (Alternatively you can drink lemony “spa water” with floated berries or cucumber slices and mint).
2. Detox every day! Fresh fruit, vegetable and herb juices help both to nourish your body and to clean toxins in it. There is no sugar, colorings or preservatives in it. Only fresh fruits and vegetables which make you better every day. It will be even easier to reap numerous health and wellbeing benefits, while drinking juices in Egham! A new project “Joosie” will be launched in the Student’s Union soon. Flavor trials will be held on campus in order to determine which taste students prefer. Do not miss an opportunity to try “Joosie”!

3. Eating Carbs and Protein Separately. Although we need to consume both carbohydrates and protein, try to eat porridge, cereals, potatoes and bread separately from fish, meat or cheese. They simple do not digest properly together. When you eat carbs and protein at the same time, the digestive system gets pulled into opposite directions. Food then gets “stuck” in your stomach, where the carbohydrates ferment and the proteins rot. Proteins and carbohydrates are perfectly combined with vegetables, but not with each other. Therefore, it is better to have fish with vegetables or vegetables with chips instead of Fish&Chips. Following the principles of combination products, you will quickly loose the weight and forget about sleepiness after eating.
4. Salad for starter – a good idea! Start your lunch and dinner with a large portion of fresh vegetable salad. Due to the big amount of enzymes and fiber they significantly help the subsequent digestion of food (whether it will be a piece of meat or buckwheat). I do not mean potato salad or “Caesar”, but the salad with tomatoes, avocado and fresh herbs, or mixed green salad – that is what you need!
5. Last but not the least healthy habit. Follow the principle of a 12-hour break, when between dinner and the next day breakfast your stomach has at least 12 hours break. If you had a dinner at 8pm, try not to eat anything until 8am. Following the principle of 12-hour break every day, you become fitter and improve digestion. Strive to have the last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime.