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  • Pack it in… or don’t

    A not-so definitive list of University essentials Freshers might just forget and items that should definitely be left at home. The...

    Joanne Archer16/09/2016
  • Much Ado About Open Air Theatres: A Review

    For those who haven’t been to an Open Air Theatre before, I highly recommend it. Although nothing comes close to the...

    Elizabeth Rosenberg28/07/2016
  • No Idea What To Do This Summer? Orbital’s Got Your Back!

    With exams over and the summer months upon us almost one thing is on everybody’s mind – holidays. HOLIDAYS. Unfortunately for...

    Elizabeth Rosenberg20/06/2016
  • Life from another perspective: Studying in Seoul

    When you mention that you’re considering a study abroad during your degree, people usually assume that you will be going somewhere...

    Yasmin Michael19/04/2016
  • Running out of the junk food rut

    “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t” – Elle Woods,...

    Jessica Wright12/04/2016
  • 5 ab work outs that avoid the gym

    Now we are into Spring, and the new years resolutions we made to go to the gym everyday and eat only...

  • MAFIA Maximum: concept bags hit Topshop

    Extreme sports to city life! Marcos Mafia is taking the world in a whirlwind. From starting his unique company only four...

    Abi Turner08/04/2016
  • The truth about Yoga

    Yoga! You are probably thinking green juices, instagram worthy ab pictures, and headstands on white sandy beaches. Yet, although I can’t...

  • Learning to Live

    The brutality of life is something which can hit you like a tonne of bricks when you’re least expecting it. Walking...

    Beth Woollacott13/03/2016
  • Literary Party

    We are welcoming the new library development on campus. Well to be precise, cranes and cement mixers have invaded campus since...

    Abigail Turner03/03/2016

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