Instagram: The New Catwalk?

Victoria Chapman discusses how Instagram is becoming more influential within the fashion industry than the catwalk. Ever found yourself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and wanting that cute outfit you saw on a model? You’re not alone; Instagram makes the inaccessible accessible. It’s a social trend that’s reconstructing the fashion industry into a new virtual catwalk. […]

London Fashion Week Festival

Chloe Hill summarises Fashion Week festival, located at The Store Studios, 180 The Strand, London. This year’s location is a different, more rustic setting compared to its previous home The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. The new simple architecture transforms the atmosphere into a relaxed one, making it the perfect cultural hub to stage hundreds of […]

Beauty Comes in All Shades

For decades the beauty industry has received criticism for being overwhelmingly white, neglecting to provide for a diverse range of skin colours. In the 1940s there were makeup lines for black women but they focused on using products to lighten skin which were cunningly presented as being blemish creams. Moving to 1975, an article was […]

Diversity’s Demons

Hefina explains how to embrace your individuality ‘Be your own person’, ‘don’t let others dictate who you are’ -the sad reality is, people find it difficult to express who they want to be. The lack of diversity today is an appropriate reflection of the media’s influence on our own bodies. Often the media depicts how we […]

Tackling Gender Codes this LFWM

Lifestyle journalist Chloe Hill discusses the changes in gender-normalisation at the most recent London Men’s Fashion Week With the current strain on politics, now seems like a perfect time to discuss the perversion of the rules in terms of men’s fashion. This year’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection overlooked traditional masculine codes and embarked on a new […]

The very best of Vintage Glamour

Hefina teaches us how to embrace our inner Vintage Glamour icon In the name of all things vintage, this article discusses beauty treatments and the hacks that were popular amongst our old-fashioned icons. With these homemade traditions, you yourself can channel your inner Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly all from the comfort of your room. […]


Deputy Lifestyle Editor, Elizabeth Rosenberg, discusses how our nipples are a stepping stone to gender equality. We all remember Rachel Green, right? Jennifer Aniston’s character in the hit sit-com ‘Friends’, [didn’t] go on a break with Ross Geller, flatmate of Monica, quite often had her nipples out? What happened to that glorious time? I seem […]

The bucket list- generic, cringe, cliche?

Christmas is over and summer feels like forever away; this in-between period is the WORST!! Especially when exams and deadlines are looming, your life can seem to disappear and you find yourself daydreaming rather than experiencing. But recently, I’ve seen quite a few people on social media promoting the benefits of making a ‘bucket list’ […]

Don’t be SAD

It’s not the most light-hearted topic, but maybe that’s why it affects so many people. Depression is very common for people at university not because university itself is particularly horrible, but because it is a sign of A LOT of change. However, as the weather gets colder, seasonal depression (also known as SAD) becomes a […]

Advice For People in their Second Year

Rhiannon offers 9 simple pieces of advice for second year student. If you’re at the supermarket and ask yourself “Do we need more toilet paper?” The answer is always yes. You can never have too much toilet paper. If you have one housemate or five, you will inevitably be annoyed at them, and that’s fine. […]

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