Northerner venturing South

I’ve always been slightly paranoid about my origins and I know I’m not the only Northerner who feels this way. I was born in Chesterfield and moved up to Liverpool when I was four. When I decided to move down South for university, or, to be precise, 222.7 miles down South according to Google Maps, it was safe to say that […]

A Hot Christmas

Beth  Gooding shares what it is like to have a hot Christmas. The time is finally here, the run up to Christmas has begun. We will now spend the next few weeks hoping and praying for snow on Christmas Day to bring that extra bit of magic to our holiday. Whether it snows or not, we […]

Let’s Travel (on that student budget)

Alis shows us it is possible to travel with a student budget. It’s that time of year again – the excitement of being back at university has worn off, the weather is miserable, deadlines are looming, and all you really want to do is pop down to Heathrow and jet off to some far flung […]

Victoria’s Secret Shaming

Hefina Everard discusses the tabloid’s persisent body shaming of the Victoria’s Secret Angels   From New York City to Paris, the Victoria’s Secret Angels descend onto the runway for the annual Fashion Show on November 30th; the musicians performing with the angels in the City of Light are Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and last year’s […]

Afternoon Delight, anyone?

Elizabeth Rosenberg discusses a method that will relieve all of your stress.   When you tell someone you’re stressed, here’s what your housemate/family/the internet will tell you to do: go for a walk, meditate, eat a pizza, change your perspective, have a cuppa (or a pint), do some yoga, learn better coping strategies. Being in […]

Pret-a-Veggie meets Ready-to-Eat-Anything-Liz

Unfortunately Pret-a-Manger’s pop-up Veggie cafe in Soho is not called ‘Pret-a-Veggie’ but is instead simply entitled ‘Veggie Pret’. Personally I think “ready to Veggie” sounds pretty quirky and but oh well,life goes on. Veggie Pret opened in June as a one month idea that probably wouldn’t last and three months later it is 1. Still […]

Makeup Shaming is NOT Cute

Makeup Shaming is NOT cute. Makeup Shaming is exactly what it says on the tin, and it is not okay. More and more frequently, women (and men) are being criticised for the style of makeup they choose to wear, based on the assumption that to do so they must be insecure in their own skin or […]

Pump-s-kin care

Come October pumpkins are known for one thing and one thing only; decorating your front door for Halloween. Obviously there’s much more to them then just that. Pumpkins are beneficial not only for your health but also for your appearance. This gourd-like squash is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, which help to moisturize skin, gently dissolve dead […]

Top 5 Things to Do in London This Halloween

Fancy a change from the typical RoHo fancy-dress flat parties this year? Fed up of spending Halloween in a semi-drunk state with fake blood running down your face? Why not hop on the 40 minute train from Egham and celebrate Halloween in true London style this October. 1. If you joined the craze and binge-watched […]

Could you win at being Anna Wintour?

Fashion Weeks come and go all over the world, and for the most part, the students who are interested, like myself, are glued to Instagram just to see a glimpse of the couture gowns flowing down the runway at ungodly prices. I bet some of those garments cost more than my own house in Englefield […]