Bridget Osullivan

There’s Something About Diana

By Bridget O’Sullivan

The Cancer in K-pop

Trigger warning: mentions of abuse and suicide What comes to mind when you think of Korean popular music or as most of us know it, K-pop? Intricate choreographies, Stan Twitter, dedicated fandoms, BTS? Not that long ago, I would have rattled off a similarly vague list. But now, after researching the industry, my list looks […]

Commercial (Oops, I mean Valentine’s) Day

Valentine’s commercialisation of love, by Bridget O’Sullivan

On Influencers who Flout Lockdown

A look at influencers who have broken lockdown and tier rules, by Bridget O’Sullivan

Vegan Versus Plant-Based: Which One Can Society Sustain?

Bridget discusses the exclusivity of veganism.

The Happy Depressive: A Long-term Perspective on Antidepressants

Bridget discusses long-term usage of anti-depressants.

Invisible disabilities: Autism

Helen discusses misconceptions about autism.

We Should Never Have to Reach Rock-Bottom

Elizabeth writes about her own experience with mental health and therapy, and looks at what support Royal Holloway offers.

BGT is an Insult to Black Art

Elizabeth Ajao talks about how Britain’s Got Talent doesn’t provide an accepting space for black artistry.

Ireland’s Dangerous Disregard for ‘Otherness’ and Diversity

Bridget shares her experience of Ireland’s reaction to “otherness”.