Corranne Wheeler

The ABCs of a Club

If you’re thinking of joining a sport or society, there are couple of things you need to know about becoming a member. A) Initiations will be wild – Students + CIYK/CIYS = chaos. If you choose to drink, you will likely wake up with a vague memory of shots, chanting and men in lycra. You […]

Why join a society?

Royal Holloway has dozens of societies, ranging from the usual, such as History, to the not so usual, Humans vs. Zombies, and now is the perfect time to join up! If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to join a society, we’ve come up with 5 reasons why it would be a fabulous idea. […]

The Sportshack 24

26 miles. 24 hours. 2 radio presenters. 1 charity. Insanity’s Radiothon was just the warm up for Sportshack presenters Will Chamberlain and Tom Brown. The next stop – running the London Marathon. Whilst presenting a radio show. How hard could it be? Where did the inspiration for a marathon/radio show come from? We took part […]

Mud, Run, Fun

Running hasn’t always been part of my life. It has only been since coming to Royal Holloway that I started training seriously – mainly because I was rubbish at ball sports and couldn’t do a cartwheel to save my life. Back then, however, there was unfortunately no official running club, just a few people who competed […]


Royal Holloway Christian Union are the unsung heroes of campus. When you’re stumbling out of the SU on a Friday night, looking a little bit worse for wear, they’re the saviours only too pleased to offer you some water and donut to help you safely home. And whilst you labour on through yet another one of those […]

A Society Election POV

“Can we have all the candidates for secretary please?” [ITALICS] Is that me? Am I running for secretary or treasurer? Maybe a quick look around to check if anyone else is running…okay, looks like one other person is running so I’d better get up there. Wait…hold the bus! There’s dozens of candidates! Oh, no, they’re […]


The English language has many a foul word. Most are four letters. Many we now accept in day-to-day conversation without so much as a flinch. But utter ‘feminism’ in a conversation and it is likely one of two things will happen: a) conversation will continue albeit with some odd looks in your direction, or b) […]