Chloe Wright

Egham Museum to re-open with £40k funding from Runnymede Council

Following heavy torrential rain in mid August, Egham Museum has been closed for over a month due to flooding. However after just over a month of closure, the museum may soon re-open once a new curator is found. Egham Museum is a free entry historical exhibition museum which includes various exhibitions – the most popular […]

“Living in Penrose Court is almost as bad as being homeless”

One student’s anticipation of moving in day in September was heavily deflated when he arrived to find that he had no bathroom or kitchen facilities in his accommodation at Penrose Court, which Royal Holloway still expected him to pay rent for. The third year student, who wishes to remain anonymous, had traveled in from London […]

A ‘Posh’ Performance by RHUL Drama Soc

Royal Holloway Drama Society will be putting on the play ‘Posh’ by Laura Wade which is highly relevant in light of the upcoming general election in May. ‘Posh’ is based upon the infamous Bullingdon club – an exclusive but unofficial all male students’ club at Oxford University noted for its wealthy members and riotous rituals […]

You Plank: Planking Soc heading for Holloway

A group of ambitious students are hoping to reinstate the beloved pastime of planking. Back in 2009 – or thereabouts – planking here, there and everywhere was considered the ‘cool’ thing to do. You could find pictures of people planking in the road, in shopping centres and anywhere possible really, the more elaborate the better. […]

Waitrose Egham Finally Opening?

After a series of setbacks, the Waitrose store in Egham seems set to open soon. Waitrose, who have not only made setbacks to the shoppers of Egham, but to their employees as well, have now realised a final construction and opening date for the food chain.The much anticipated opening is now set to happen on […]