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King’s College Rebrand Causes Controversy

Last month it was announced that a fellow college of the University of London, King’s, would begin a £300,000 re-branding campaign, which will see the institution change  its name from King’s College, London to simply King’s London. The change is due to come into force in February of this year, when the university will officially change its name, though still keeping the title of King’s College, London for legal documents, academic citations and the awarding of degrees.
The proposed change has resulted in widespread controversy with students at the University insisting that the re-brand is “ridiculous”  when speaking to The Times Higher Education supplement. Some argued that the re-brand itself, puts an “end to years of tradition” that the College has gained due to its name, undermining the international reputation the University has built.
Moreover, the re-brand will have hefty financial implications,which has also been criticised by students. Many feel that the money could be spent on what are considered more important aspects of the University. Additionally, the change means that sport teams, societies, merchandise, and posters that promote the King’s College, London name, will have the expensive task of changing uniforms, equipment etc., to the new name and brand.
A petition has been created online by Emily Braddock, a student at King’s College, London asking the university to reconsider the re-brand. With 11,787 names signed already, the petition is certainly providing a voice for those who feel strongly about the change in name. The online petition at is trying to get students, particularly from other  University of London colleges, but indeed other universities also, to sign the petition to show external support.