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Man Restrained by Police outside SU

A man has allegedly been restrained by police and forced into a van after becoming aggressive towards SU staff at Tommy’s.

The incident occurred at the burger bar at lunchtime. Details are unclear at the moment, but eyewitnesses suggest he was drunk and may have acted inappropriately towards female students and staff; prompting a complaint from one student.

It was as the SU staff became involved that the man became aggressive.

Grace Bilney complained to the SU after the man “made uncomfortable comments about girls on campus”, and claims she overhead him saying he worked at one of the construction sites on campus.

“He said he was too drunk to work and so was ‘kicked off site’, so I assume he was working on one of the building sites at the uni.”

Eyewitnesses say he then had two more pints to drink at the SU, before staff confronted him.

It is unclear what happened at this point, but witnesses describe the man’s body language as ‘aggressive’. The man and the staff then moved outside, where police eventually appeared.

“He was sat on a bench outside being interviewed by police, but he was calm while being interviewed,” said one eyewitness.

Moments later, reports came in on social media that a police van had arrived, and that the man was being forcibly restrained.

Details of the consequences of the incident are yet to be released, but follow @theorbital in order to keep up to date.