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New Year, New You

New Years Resolution’s are the chance for us to brag to our friends about turning over a new leaf, becoming ‘a new me’. A new me who goes to lectures and seminars, who makes use of the gold gym membership bought back in Freshers week, who doesn’t waste all their money on VK’s just because the bar queue is shorter… All new years resolutions we’ve heard and said to ourselves plenty of times, only to be broken within the first month. Because let’s face it, the person you are on December 31st 2014 is definitely the same person you’ll be on January 1st 2015.

Despite this, new years resolutions are a tradition. And since so many of us are going to make them, why not make a couple which are student relevant? New years resolutions might not make Royal Holloway a better place but if, for once, we do stick to them they could even change a couple of 2:2’s to 2:1’s. What a thought!

1) Set yourself a ‘working hours’ goal and stick to it. Use an alarm, use your friends. Whatever it takes, set yourself a couple of hours in the day to get work done and stop it from building up to be done the night before.

2) Try to use cash more than your card. This means you’re able to keep track of how much you’re spending. Anything that helps resigning yourself to the dreaded overdraft, right?

3) This is a classic student one, but try to have at least one of your five a day in your dinner. I know it’s hard (I’m a student too remember) but it will avoid that phone call to your mum about getting scurvy.

4) If you have the time and money, get out of Egham more. These are the last couple of years before we’re thrown into the world of 40 hour weeks; make the most of the free time and do something with it. Going to Liquid doesn’t count.

These are just a few suggestions to try and make the 2015 student life a bit easier. Nobody said stop going out, but that extra hour in Bedford could make the difference, if you overcome the statistics and stick to those resolutions.