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Plans to Bring a Swimming Pool to Egham Town Centre

Anna Robinson reports on further redevelopment plans for Egham town centre.

Following the announcement of plans to redevelop Egham town centre, Runnymede Borough council is now asking for feedback on plans to build a new leisure facility, with a swimming pool and health spa. The first public consultation was held on Saturday January 28, from 10am to 4pm, to give the chance for Egham residents to feedback, offering a local perspective on the developments.

This is an exciting prospect for the small suburb, not only for local Egham residents, but also for students at Royal Holloway. Royal Holloway Swimming Club currently trains a 10-minute drive away, at Bishopsgate Pool, so having a pool closer to campus could mean exciting things for the success of the ever-growing club, as well as other students of the university able to access a new leisure facility so close to campus.

President of the Club, Hannah Willcocks, comments on how it would be “fantastic for the university swimming club”, alongside the positive impact it could have encouraging more students to take up swimming.

“The prospect of a pool in Egham is not only exciting for the local community, but also the university and the swimming club. I hope it will be more of an incentive for people to take up the sport – which is such a good stress release, especially around deadlines.”

Hannah notes it would really “put Royal Holloway Swimming Club on the map”,  and could potentially allow the Club to be the host of London League Galas, which tend to be hosted in central London locations.

The new leisure centre will be built on the same site of the current leisure centre on Vicarage Road, although the current building will remain open until work is completed.

Paul Turrell, chief executive of Runnymede Borough Council, said: “The new leisure centre at Egham will see the council deliver on a long-held promise to bring a swimming pool to the town. I’m sure there will be huge demand for the pools and the other state of the art facilities in the new centre.”

Achieve Fitness have invested in the project after success in converting Addlestone Leisure Centre in 2010, and the project in Egham is set to begin later this year.